co.up 100€ Supporter Terms & Conditions

We provide the space to support local groups & initiatives that don’t charge an entry fee for their events & strengthen the community. While long, this text covers issues that have been problem areas in the past, so please read through it carefully & ask any questions you may have. The main rule is basic common sense: treat the space & the people/things in it with respect, don’t take or use what is not yours or has not been offered to you, & clean up after yourselves.

Please note our additional rules currently in place in response to the covid-19 pandemic (at the bottom of this page).


Feel free to make use of whatever equipment in the space you would like to (projector, sound system, whiteboards, desks, monitors) & rearrange the furniture according to your needs, but after your event please return the space in the state you found it in. Do not block the fire escape door with any furniture, and please stack the wooden chairs according to their type. Please do not leave any trash outside of the bins, food leftovers, signs, posters, empty bottles that are not from co.up, etc. Treat the space as a leave-no-trace campsite: if you brought it in, bring it out. Dirty dishes go in the dishwasher; please toss in a soap tab & turn it on. Cleaning supplies, toilet paper, & trash bags can be found in the bathroom to the left, in the back left corner, on both floors.

Please note that meeting room rental plans do not include use of the projector or sound system in the event space.

Drinks & supporting the space

Please let your participants know that drinks can be found in the refrigerator and cost 2,00€ a piece, emphasizing that since we don't charge organizers for community events, the money we get from drinks sales helps us pay for the space & keep it open & free for initiatives like yours. Paying for the drinks is based on a trust system: the money should be put in the white bowl on the bar. Empty bottles should be put in the matching crates.

We would also highly appreciate it if your participants know that they can sign up for a support membership (from 10 to 100€ per month, recurring on the date they sign up) by going to, and that they can also make a one-time donation via PayPal or Ko-Fi at Thank you kindly!


In order to access the Internet, connect to either "co_up" or "co_up_slow" with the password: *clubmate*. Open a browser to any page.

Give this information to your participants, too!

Getting in

On your event page, include these instructions for finding the space: Please make sure to be at the space at least 10 minutes before the official start time so you can let people in & so that office workers are not interrupted by guests ringing the doorbell. Post a way for guests to reach you during the meetup so your participants can call in case the gate gets locked; tell them to ring at "co.up/Mapbox" (3d floor) or "co.up/Cobot" (5th floor). You can buzz open the door by simply entering in a browser. If you don't see "Come in!" after the page loads, the door can be opened the old-fashioned way by pushing the black button next to the receiver, to the left of the space door.


For wheelchair users & people with special accessibility needs, the elevator key (with a round head) is attached to the plush blue elephant sitting on the upper part of the bar in the 5th floor, or the pink one by the window in the kitchen on the 3rd floor. The key is necessary to open the elevator door from the outside on the ground floor, as well as to choose a floor: there is a slot on the control panel for the key to be placed in & turned. Please make sure to return the elephant to its spot when you’ve finished using it.

Unfortunately the building managers denied our request to rebuild the bathrooms to be accessible, so the closest such bathroom is in Südblock (Admiralstr. 1-2):

Leaving/Key return

When you leave, be absolutely sure that you are the last person to do so, since participants will get locked in the space/courtyard as they don't have a key! After locking the door, exit the building & go left to the small gate at Adalbertstr. 5-6 (the entrance to the neighbouring courtyard, closer to Kottbusser Tor). Feel free to leave the gate unlocked.

If you do not have your own set of keys to the space, please bring the set you borrowed back to me like we discussed, and do not leave it in the mailbox or in any other location.

co.up is happy to support you & your community event. Thanks very much for your courtesy & understanding!


In light of the current public health situation, the following regulations are in place at co.up (last update: July 23, 2021).

Maximum occupancy
Maximum occupancy at co.up is currently 12 people for all in-person events. This includes guests, speakers and organizers. We ask that organizers make sure to limit signups accordingly. In order to add to the accessibility of their events, we also encourage them to offer them in a hybrid format (IRL + streaming) when possible.

Hygiene concept and enforcement
Organizers must prepare a personalized hygiene concept for their event and are solely responsible for posting it, enforcing it, and submitting it to local health authorities upon request. This concept must follow the guidelines listed in Berlin’s Dritte SARS-CoV-2-Infektionsschutzmaßnahmenverordnung, §5. Organizers can use our guidelines text as a basis for their hygiene concept; their own concept must be aligned with co.up’s.

Contact tracing and documentation
Each person present in the space during an event must provide the following information: first and last name, phone number, district or city of residence, e-mail address (if available), full residential address (if available), times of attendance and their seat or table number (if applicable). Organizers are required to collect this information, to store it securely for four weeks, and to provide it to local health authorities upon request.

Proof of vaccination, recovery, or negative test result
As of July 6, 2021, only guests at events of 50 people and up are legally required to provide certification of either a negative test result, full vaccination, or recovery from covid-19. This is therefore currently not mandatory for events at co.up. We do, however, encourage attendees and organizers to make use of Berlin’s free antigen testing offer on the day of their event. Guests presenting any cold-like symptoms, and/or an impacted sense of taste or smell, on the day of the event are not allowed to enter the space.

FFP2 masks are mandatory for everyone in the space at all times, including when you are seated and with the exception of performing or presenting. This mandate applies to the entirety of the event space, the kitchen and the restrooms. Our landlord also mandates wearing a medicinal mask on the entirety of the building premises (i.e. the stairwell, the elevator, and the courtyards and parking lots).

Social distancing
All occupants of the space must maintain a 1.5m distance with each other at all times. During in-person meetups, attendees must be sitting down. Seats must be placed at a minimum of 1.5m from each other.

Please ventilate the space as much as possible by keeping the windows open all the way. The space must be ventilated at least every hour for 5-10 minutes, even in colder weather.

Other hygiene rules
Occupants must respect sneeze-and-cough etiquette (into your elbow, not your hand) and wash their hands thoroughly after touching shared surfaces. Disinfect all shared surfaces frequently using the disinfectant wipes available in the kitchen. Please do not share food or drinks.

Limits to space use
The meeting room is reserved for Lumeo and Cobot staff, and may not be used for other events unless agreed upon beforehand with co.up management. Please refrain from making use of the kitchen facilities. The Cobot offices on the 5th floor remain closed to all events.

The covid-19 pandemic continues to be a dynamically changing situation. We reserve the right to close co.up to the public at any time we deem necessary to help curb a rise in coronavirus infections, regardless of local or federal regulations concerning events and gatherings. Organizers of booked events will be given 48h notice by email when this is the case.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to revoke organizers’ access to the space if the above hygiene and safety protocols are not enforced. This can take place on very short notice (i.e. <48h before the next scheduled event).

Source for local infection protection regulations: Dritte SARS-CoV-2-Infektionsschutzmaßnahmenverordnung, published on July 6, 2021 (

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