co.up 100€ Supporter Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for monthly bookings (private office space / coworking)

1. subject matter of the contract

The subject matter of the contract is membership in co.up coworking and the associated use of the coworking space designated in the contract. All premises of co.up coworking are to be used exclusively for office activities. The contract becomes valid with the confirmation of the booking by co.up coworking UG (haftungsbeschränkt). The confirmation is made via the booking platform Cobot.

2. term and extension

The contract runs for the specified minimum term, but at least until the end of the month following the start of the contract. If not cancelled, it will be extended by the originally agreed period. If the end date is not the last day of the month, it is extended to the last day of the month in question.

3. termination

The contract can be terminated in writing with one month's notice to the end of the minimum term or to the end of the respective extension period. In case of arrears in payment of more than one membership fee, co.up coworking UG (haftungsbeschränkt) has the right to terminate the contract without notice. The right to extraordinary termination of membership by co.up coworking UG (haftungsbeschränkt) continues to exist in the event that the member engages in illegal or immoral activities.

After moving out of a private office space, co.up coworking will accept incoming mail at the respective location for a transitional month. This service corresponds to the "Virtual Office Business" service and is charged with a one-time fee of € 39 plus VAT.

4. payments

The membership fee is due on the third day of the respective month. In case of late payment of more than 14 days, co.up coworking UG (haftungsbeschränkt) will charge an overdraft fee of 15% p.a..

co.up coworking UG (haftungsbeschränkt) charges a fee of €10.00 plus VAT for returned direct debits for direct debits via SEPA or a credit card that are caused by a shortfall in the deposited bank account.

The security deposit amounts to two monthly fees gross and is due upon conclusion of the contract. It will be refunded six months after moving out and settlement of all liabilities.

5. rights and obligations

The member receives the right to use the premises of the coworking space designated in the contract in accordance with the scope of the agreed membership. He/she undertakes to treat the premises and furnishings with care and diligence and to pay for any damage incurred. In particular, the member undertakes to respect the interests and property of the other members and to contribute to a harmonious coexistence.

Membership is personal. It is not permitted to pass on the key or to allow non-members to enter without being accompanied by the member. Violations may result in termination without notice.

If a key is lost, the lock cylinder must be changed and all keys replaced. The costs in the amount of € 280.00 shall be borne by the member.

Objects and valuables brought in by the member are not insured by co.up coworking UG (haftungsbeschränkt) against loss, theft or damage, and co.up coworking UG (haftungsbeschränkt) accepts no liability. Any insurance required must be taken out by the member him/herself.

6 Written form, severability clause, place of jurisdiction

Additions to and termination of this contract must be in writing. Should one of the provisions of this contract be or become legally invalid, all other provisions of the contract shall remain unaffected. The place of jurisdiction is Berlin.   

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